Bike Hotel in Sanremo - EuroVelo 8


Every year many bikers from all over the world stop at Erbazul; we are along the Euro Velo 8, the cycle touring route that connects Porto (Portugal) to Pisa, but many then continue to Athens or Istanbul.



For all bikers and bicycle enthusiasts, Erbazul offers a bike stand, where you can leave your vehicle. Or you can bring your bike to your own pitch.

Baggage & bike assistance for check in-check out.

You will find a small workshop to carry out maintenance yourself. In case of need for greater mechanical assistance, at 2km there is a specialized workshop that has an agreement with us.


Available for Bikers, itineraries in digital version that you can follow with your smartphone.


In addition, for alone bike travelers without a tent, we provide them with a Trekking tent with camping mat, included in the price (Trekking pitch).


Logistic information: to get to Erbazul, if you use a gps navigator, put "Via Duca d'Aosta 169" and the Sanctuary of Madonna della Guardia as a stop; do not take Salita Monte Calvo (very steep).

As soon as you arrive at number 169, walk by foot the 50-meter descent, and you have arrived.

5% discount for groups of at least 6 people.

Bike hotel per ciclisti e vacanze in bicicletta sulla riviera dei fiori

Our bike hotel in Sanremo is suitable for all cyclists and travelers in Liguria who want to practice bicycle tourism with tours of Liguria, in particular the Riviera dei Fiori.


Erbazul caters to the following types of tourism:

    Ecological tourism or ecotourism: it is practiced by those who like to travel to natural areas to admire landscapes and plants. Among the ecotouristic activities at the Erbazul campsite, the itineraries on foot or by bicycle of ecological, cultural and religious interest are very popular.
    Cycle tourism: it is an inexpensive way of traveling practiced by so-called cyclists who love the environment and bikes.
    Rural cycle tourism: practiced on off-road routes and therefore off cycle paths with mountain bikes or suitable for uneven terrain. This type of tourism is practiced by making stops of several days and stopping in farmhouses, agricamping and camping sites. Those who practice this type of holiday love to visit parks, nature reserves and love adventure and sleep in tents.

Bike hotel Camping: alloggio per ciclisti in tenda

If you are looking for a Bike Hotel / Camping in Liguria for your bike tour with us in Erbazul, you can bring your own tent or request it.

The camping area among the aromatic herbs has excellent pitches equipped and located with a sea view to allow you to spend a restful night on the grass.

After a bike ride we are ready to welcome you to our campsite to allow you to recharge your batteries and leave for your next stop.


The bike camping is suitable for anyone who is a lover of nature and adventure ready to prepare their bike with panniers and embark on a relaxing journey on two wheels.

The cycle paths that cross Liguria are varied, very fascinating and ready to show bikers nature from its most beautiful side.

Come and spend your cycling holidays on the most beautiful cycle paths in Italy ....

Map of specific cycling routes in Liguria

Liguria presents the most beautiful and varied bike tours!


Here are some fantastic cycling itineraries in Liguria that are worth a trip:

    Coastal Park cycle path;
    BI 15 Swiss-Sea cycle route;
    The Ligurian Ponente cycle path also known as the Riviera dei Fiori.