For romantic travelers and a bit of a dreamer, the A Barca tent is available.


A Barca is a sustainable tourism project, and at the same time a recovery of the Mediterranean cultural identity. The vehicle with which the fisherman went fishing, is now recovered, restored to its beauty,  and reused as a tent in a concept of rural maritime hospitality.


The same shelter that the fisherman used on a beach in bad weather is today the traveler's shelter.

Perfectly integrated into our coastal landscapes, where the presence of the sea is strong, the A Barca tent will maintain its historical/geographical identity and will be accompanied by its own cultural plaque, in which the identity of the last captain, the name of the boat and the marine area will be a source of uniqueness.

The traveler will therefore be immersed in a journey within their own journey and will be able to fully experience the cultural identity of the place.



This is our response to Glamping (Glamour Camping) which is increasingly establishing itself in the world of Outdoor tourism.


The possibility of sleeping in one of the symbols of culture and history of Liguria and Italy.




Liguria, land of farmers and fishermen, where the land merges with the sea. A union that has always existed and is indissoluble.

In the past, every farmer who had a goiter used a piece of his land, a strip, to store his small boat during the winter season. This also happened in Erbazul, a small camping site on the eastern hill of Sanremo. Erbazul's guest campers, coming from all over the world, increasingly appreciated this Land-Sea combination and many of them asked to be able to relax inside the gozzo, to read a book or admire the coastal panorama.



Dedicated to travellers, by land and sea.

We won the Big See Tourism 2023 in the "Creative story and identity as experience" category!

and in the meantime we continue to pamper our traveling guests, dig the earth, and take care of our aromatic plants