Our agricultural activity consists of:


-Mediterranean aromatic herbs: Lavender, Oregano, Mint, Thyme, Sage, Savory, Marjoram, Rosemary, Myrtle.

From this year the "les cent épices" garden is active, made up of spices and aromatic herbs from all over the world.

Vietnamese Coriander (Persicaria Odorosa), Brazilian Watercress (Spilantes), Greek Basil, Ginger Mint, Wild Thyme, Al Kekengi, Carcadè (Hibiscus Tea), Burnet, Pepper Grass, Ginger, Mushroom Grass (Rungia Klosii), Nasturtium, Lemon Grass , French Tarragon, Santolina Viridis, Santolina chamaechyparissus, St. Peter's Wort (Tanacetum Balsamica), Aztec Sugar (Lippia Dulcis), Arnica.

Particularly suitable for Chefs and Restaurateurs to expand and try new tastes and aromas from the world, it is possible to choose and buy herbs directly in the fields, so as to obtain the maximum freshness.


- Beekeeping: Twenty families of the Ligustica species are cared for and pampered by us, thus obtaining our Millefiori Honey.

 Available in Honeycomb, the most natural form to be able to taste all its properties and tastes.

Upon request, freshly harvested pollen.


-Oliviculture: 250 olive trees "Cultivar Taggiasca" are grown in a natural way without the use of chemicals.


-Horticulture: a vegetable garden with Mediterranean vegetables, in season, grown in a natural way, without the use of chemicals.


Experience not to be missed are our Aromatic Sensory Paths, in which you will be accompanied to the rediscovery of smell, first in the fields on the plant, and then in our Garden "le cent èpices".