Agricamping in Sanremo, natural agriculture

Les Sens: natural incenses made with aromatic herbs

The sense of smell.

 Mysterious, instinctive.

 Of the 5 senses, it is the oldest and most articulated in the development of the human being.

 The olfactory stimuli reach the cerebral cortex directly, without being filtered by the Thalamus,

 the most rational part.

 Smells affect mood: joy, excitement, calm, relaxation.

 Smell is a chemical sense. Its receptor cells, located in the nasal cavity, are sensitive to

 stimuli of a chemical nature induced by volatile odorous molecules.


In history they were widely used.

For their importance and beneficial properties, in 812 AD, Charlemagne made it mandatory, with a

edict, the cultivation of 74 herbs defined as "healthy and indispensable" throughout the Holy Roman Empire.


Each aromatic herb is characterized by different chemical molecules that characterize its smell: ad

example in peppermint we find menthol and menton, which gives that peculiar hint of

cold, pungent, intense and green which is found in all parts of the plant, while rosemary is

rich in camphor and bornyl acetate which give it a penetrating, intense and woody smell. The

basil has fair amounts of estragolo and methyl eugenol, sweet and aromatic notes and finally

the smell of fennel, with its content in anethole and fenchone, brings us back to sensations of sweetness and

the cleaning.

Les Sens.

Mix of freshly picked aromatic herbs.

Each characterized by synergies of herbs suitable for certain objectives.

You can choose the herbs to put in it, or get advice from us.


Les Sens can be used as you want: put it on the bed to smell it while you sleep, keep it in your bag, in the wardrobes to perfume your clothes.

And in the end, you can use it as incense to enhance those small but precious moments in life, like reading a good book or enjoying a dinner with special people.

Our agricultural activity consists of:

  •     Mediterranean aromatic herbs: Lavender, Oregano, Mint, Thyme, Sage, Savory, Marjoram, Rosemary, Myrtle, helichrysum, calendula.

it is possible to choose and buy the herbs directly in the fields, in order to obtain the maximum freshness.

  •     Beekeeping: Twelve families of the Ligustica species are cared for and pampered by us, thus obtaining our Millefiori Honey.

                               Available in Honeycomb Honey,

                               the most natural form to be able to taste all its properties and tastes.

                               Upon request, freshly harvested pollen.

  •     Olive growing: One hundred olive trees "Cultivar Taggiasca" are grown in a natural way without the use of chemicals.


  •     Horticulture: a vegetable garden with Mediterranean vegetables, in season, grown in a natural way, without the use of chemicals.

The camping holiday becomes sensorial

From Erbazul in Liguria comes the sensory camping holiday, a holiday with the scent of lavender, helichrysum, thyme and many others.

Imagine being able to sleep in a tent and being carried away by the notes of lavender, and precious aromatic herbs with indescribable scents .... for an olfactory journey that fights stress and insomnia.