New itinerary for bikers!


We have just mapped a beautiful new itinerary for our two-wheeled travelers: Erbazul-Ospedaletti.

Departing in the morning around 9, we reached Sanremo, where we wandered blissfully among the fishermen of Porto Vecchio, and admired their freshly caught fish on the stalls.

Then we went to the Annonario Market in Heroes Square, in front of the beautiful Saracen Tower.

Fruit and vegetable stalls with a thousand colors and scents, a musician playing, a book exchange station ... Beautiful!

Then, we got back on the saddle towards Ospedaletti, along the cycle path overlooking the sea.

Half an hour and we arrive in its bay, beautiful beaches, many even free.

Captured by the smells of the restaurants on the sea, we could not resist a wonderful fried fish and other delights, with Vermentino wine ....

Swimsuit is recommended, many beautiful coves along the way!

Difficulty level: easy.

Length: 18 km.


We descend from our hill, towards Arma di Taggia, for about 3 km of soft carriage road, with beautiful glimpses of sea view.

Once on the Aurelia, we cover about 700 meters of the Strada Statale, and we enter the cycle path just before the Bussana Carrefour.

Straight up to Arma di Taggia to the port (small port, very nice), then take the cycle path to Taggia: almost 1 km of asphalt, and the remaining 2 km of track along the river, without traffic.

Once in Taggia, after a coffee in the square together with the old people of the town (always beautiful) we continue towards the historic center, almost at walking pace.

In Liguria, second in size and importance only to that of Genoa, it is one of the most attractive places in the province of Imperia.

The Roman Bridge, the fifteenth-century complex of the Dominicans, the Pantan in Via Soleri, and the whole upper part called Il Castello.

Various stops to taste the Canestrelli di Taggia (very good!) And taste other local delicacies.

Reluctantly, we set off towards the sea, arriving in the La Vesca area, to enjoy a good white wine while looking at the sea.

Difficulty level: easy.

Length: 23 km.